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Does Worldview Affect Relationships?

It is no longer news that every person lives in their own special psychological reality, tissued from beliefs. The diversity of the surrounding world only makes the situation worse: there is no objectivity, there are only different views of different people on the same subject. Well, disagreements between people arise for the only reason — when each of the dissenters is not ready to accept the partner’s vision and insists on their own as the only true one.

Therefore, the higher your ability to accept your partner’s worldview, the more likely you are to build a good relationship. However, there is an important point — you need to give yourself the right to be yourself. It is precisely these criteria — the right to be yourself and accept another person — that often come into conflict. How can you combine these two parameters, sometimes incompatible?

How to Accept Another Person’s Worldview?

Of course, it would be nice to understand the partner’s worldview before entering into a close relationship. But here we are talking about relationships not only with a partner in marriage, but also with possible other people — with children, parents, or coworkers. And you have to build relationships along the line in which you want to understand your partner and preserve your own dignity.

There are some fundamental points:

  • Your own worldview should be most important to you, and if you can’t accept and understand the views of another person, then don’t pretend to accept them. You can even pretend not necessarily for them, you can pretend for yourself. This is when you say to yourself: “All right, I’ll do it because I want to be with you.” When you agree to terms that are not acceptable to your soul, you sell a part of your soul, for which you will pay with mental discomfort.
  • Allow yourself to have limits in understanding and accepting other people’s worldviews. No one in the world can fully understand and accept another one — we can only strive for this all our lives. But some things in other people’s positions will always cause unpleasant emotions. These emotions are a mirror of what we don’t accept in ourselves. In this way, they teach us to see our own limits and respect ourselves first.
  • The constant desire to understand your limits makes it possible to expand them. And in this way, your understanding and acceptance of other people increases. And as a result, relationships improve.

It becomes clear that to accept the partner’s worldview, you need to look into it as in a mirror — see the qualities that are not accepted in yourself, allow them to be, to get used to, and love yourself with them. Once you allow yourself to have these qualities, you will automatically allow all other people to have them.

This will be the acceptance of another person’s worldview. Your reservoir of understanding other people will be significantly replenished because by accepting the aspect of one person’s worldview, you automatically accept this aspect in all other people.